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Google Insights’ view of the Credit Crunch

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Many people out there would love to get an insight in to how popular an Internet search terms is, particularly if that search word or phrase is relevant to their personal blog, website or company.

For those of you out there who haven’t found it yet, Google Insight is a great too for doing just that. By way of example the chart below tracks the interest in the phrase “credit crunch” in real-time for the past few years – given the downward trends perhaps this is not the best time to start this website one might ask!

The online version looks like this – with the advantage that popular news items can be indicated that may have influenced the search volumes around the time of significant peaks.

Graph and News about the Credit Crunch from Google Insight

Graph and News about the Credit Crunch from Google Insight

The first question this brought to my mind was “What exactly does the value (y-axis) represent?” As you would expect from Google, they have an answer but it’s not that definitive – this sort of information is dynamite when it comes to search engine optimisation and online advertising income. In summary they are relative numbers, based on the peak volume of searches for the phrase over time – more detailed explanation here.

Clearly the phrase “credit crunch” just wasn’y on any one lips before 2007 – as the downturm took hold though, there certainly was a rise in interest – not sure if the continued demise of the graph would suggest we are out of the woods yet though!

So how can you benefit – from this free tool from Google. Well you could use it for;

  • to compare search terms to make your web pages rank more highly in search engine results lists,
  • a school or university project to display some colourful graphs of what you are studying,
  • idle curiosity discovering whether anyone else is bothered about your hobbies and interests

Fascinating as it might seem, Google Insights for Search may even do a better job of predicting the weather than the UK Met Office  – I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but check out the “forecast” of snow for February 2010!google_insight_on_snow

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