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Tungle.Me – the new way to share your calendar and availability online

One of the main headaches for hard pressed Internet savy business professionals is finding available meetings slots with similarly hard pressed colleagues, as we all have packed agendas and little free time available. This is typically made even more difficult when trying to arrange meetings with business partners who may not be using the same email or corporate diary system – we’ve all been there with endless emails cyclying backwards and forwards to find the “right-slot”.

Thankfully there’s a relatively new Internet start-up on the scene, Tungle.Me, that offers a free solution to solve the frustration and efficiently allow meeting diaries to be shared. Surveys suggest that for some meetings, more time is actually spent arranging and scheduling the meeting than actually spent at the said meeting.

Tungle.me users can personalize their page by choosing days/times they want to make available, adding contact information, photo, links to other online profiles

What’s more Tungle’s technology not only allows you to avoid double booking but also synchronise contacts and diaries from other sources such as web-mail (Google’s Gmail), social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn) and critically corporate systems powered by Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes*. There is even an iPhone version for the ultimate in mobility and scheduling.

The key thing is that through your personal profile page or linked system, you can send invitations out proposing multiple times to one or many people. Tungle then handles the replies, automatically adjusting for different time zones, and prevents double bookings. Once booked, it’s automatically added to your calendar and all invitees receive email confirmations.

Quite frankly, given the need for improved collaboration, efficiency in arranging meetings and potential to save time and effort, it’s got to be worth a try – oh and did I mention this is also another great example of a free online service!

* Lotus Notes currently in restricted beta – by invitation only right now

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