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Accessing Plus.Net WebMail from Windows 7 – why?

The strange thing about writing a WordPress blog is that the posts and the feedback your receive is never quite always what you expected. In my case, I couldn’t understand why I kept getting search hits for queries about Windows 7 users obviously looking for hint and tips on how to access there Plus.Net web mail. Turns out this blog has all the right words to trigger a high search engine ranking, but unfortunately for passing visitor not the right content.

Well the good news now is that thanks to this post, they will (hopefully) be able to find out what they are looking for.

To be fair, Plus.Net themselves have a shed load of really good documentation on how to configure various email systems, including Outlook, Outlook Express Window Live, Windows Mail, iPhones, Mozilla Thunderbird to name a few.

An alternative not covered though is how to create a desktop shortcut to Plus.Net’s web mail client accessible via your browser. Adding a shortcut like this can be a handy alternative to a browser bookmark for regularly visited sites. In the example below, I’ve used a Plus.Net URL, but the same technique with a different website address can be used for any web-based email such as Yahoo Mail or Gmail, or for any other website if you wish.

  1. To start, right click on the desktop and select “New Shortcut” and paste the following text in to the location field “”C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” -private https://webmail.plus.net/src/login.php“. If you have a different web-based email client just change the web address at the end of this test (highlighted in bold above)
  2. After clicking on the next button give your new shortcut a memorable name. In the example below I’ve chosen “Plus.Net eMail”
  3. Clicking on Finish and you are done.
  4. You should see an icon like the one on the left below, but if you want to change the shortcut icon, highlight the new icon, right click and select Properties for the options on offer
  5. Click on the Change Icon… button and select a new file with appropriate icons. In the example below I’ve selected a new icon from file referenced as “%ProgramFiles% (x86)\Windows Mail\wab.exe” from my Window 7 computer (you may need to chose a different file through trial and error to get a good icon)

NOTE: the “-private” option in the location text protects your web mail password and session handling cookie info from abuse so it’s worth including if your computer may be used by more than yourself.

In the example above I’ve documented how to do this for Internet Explorer, but other browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox could be used with a different “.exe” file.

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