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Free online PDF file merge, split and page extraction solution

I guess this is not something we all need to do on a daily basis, but many of us have been faced with the need to occasionally join pages from separate PDF files together or extract specific pages from multi-page PDF document. There are quite a few free pluggins out there that help with creating PDF files in the first place, my personal preference is CutePDF,  but I’ve always struggled with the join and extract stuff – like many of you I don’t want to spend my hard earned cash on one of Adobe’s expensive professional products.

That’s why ILovePDF logo was really keen to share my recent discovery of the ILovePdf website – such a simple website, “does exactly what it says on the tin” as they say in that well known UK advert, and makes the job of combining PDF files or extracting one or more pages so simple.

The Merge process simply involves selecting the files you want to join together, subject to the limitations shown below, and clicking on the “Merge PDF’s!” button.

Similarly, the Split method just requires you to upload the file you want to work on, specify the range or ranges of pages you want to extract, or the individual page you require from the original multi-page PDF file, then hit the “Split PDF!” button.

What could be simpler! Great free online solution and so much less hassle than downloading and installing possibly virus infected “freeware”.

Just one note of caution – I wouldn’t personally recommend using this online method for confidential or sensitive documents. That said, once your file(s) have been processed, the site does give you the option for immediate deletion of any temporarily stored files – at most all these files are only kept on the ILovePDF web server for 15 minutes.

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