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QR Code Innovative Christmas Greeting

When it comes to unusual and puzzling Christmas messages, why not send your friends and family season’s greetings in a high tech form this year.

You may have seen QR Codes on tickets at airlines, on packaging and parcels, but did you know they are dead easy to create yourself. And, industry experts reckon most modern camera phones are now compatible with the FREE downloadable software required to read the codes. So, there’s no excuse not to give it a try. In the tests I’ve done, there are certainly readers for all the common smartphone formats available such as the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, Sony-Ericsson and Samsung mobiles in our household (and some of those are quite ancient models!).

So what’s a QR code or quick response code as I believe to give them there full title. Well as Wikipedia puts it, they are

“a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on white background.”

Or, put more simply in visual format, one of these

QR Code for Credit-Crunch website

To generate your own QR Code, just go to one of the more popular FREE code generator sites out there such as Kaywa.

Enter the URL you want to link to or, in the example below, the cryptic seasonal message you want to send.

QR Code Christmas and New Year Greeting

To test your code, you’ll need to download the reader software to your mobile. In my case I used the software available from i-Nigma (their direct smartphone URL is http://i-nigma.mobi/). Kaywa also have a free reader available from http://reader.kaywa.com/ Both apps are dead simple to use and making reading the codes a doddle, you just need to get one that’s compatible with your model of phone.

Once you’ve perfected your cryptic Christmas greeting, just save the image and email a copy to your friend or print a copy off and put it in your envelope with a Christmas card to your family.

HINT: You made need to offer your friend some help by suggesting a search for QR code in Google to figure out what you’ve sent them though!

Happy QR coding and best wishes for 2011!

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