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Control, see or view another computer (family IT support!)

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We’ve all been there, Mum or Dad, brother or sister, mates or work colleagues struggling with their computer at home and they are on the phone asking for help. If only you could see what they are doing or could show them what to do whilst talking them through it – without getting in the car! Well there is a really simple FREE way for you to do just that from remote desktop support company, LogMeIn, called Join.Me.Join.Me logo

So what’s Join.Me, well it’s a slick browser-based solution to instantly provide invitations to collaborate, meet, train, demo or show-off stuff to someone else. The free version allows you to easily

  • screen share
  • chat
  • file transfer
  • remote control

Even better, you can swap who’s sharing which screen – just what’s required to provide remote IT support to your struggling family member, colleague or friends.

All it takes is three simple steps

  1. Go to Join.Me and click on the share hotspot
  2. Save and then open the downloaded file join.me.exe – and your off!
  3. You should see a small tool bar at the top of the screen, displaying your session IDJoinMe_launch
  4. Right click on the “join.me/123-456-789” text to copy this to your clipboard, so that you can easily email it on to your friend.  Alternatively, just tell them to go to the web address shown or use the Join button from the Join.Me website to enter your nine-digit session ID.JoinMe_copy_to_clipboard
  5. Once connected, use the small circular icons beneath the join.me text to conference call, chat, view participants or take control

It really is that simple – and can really help you provide remote assistance for free, demo applications and share ideas – as if you were in the same room as your friend or colleague.

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