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Cheap Student Broadband Deal – PlusNet beats them all!

With two daughters, at different Universities right now, one of my main tasks this year has been to figure out what their best options are for Internet connectivity.

Like many students in their second or third year, University accommodation is not an option (pity as you typically get an Internet connectivity as part of the rental package). So, they asked me to research what their best options would be. In summary, high capacity broadband and telephone line rental options for the houses they share with four or five other students.

Rather than you having to do the same thing, this article explains what to look for and my “best buy” given the requirements of;

  • high download capacity

students are notoriously heavy users

  • free wireless router

so that they can all access via laptops throughout the house

  • ideally free evening and weekend calls

to call Mum and Dad for free – maybe!

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY no extended 12+ month contractual tie-ins

as they will only be there for nine months of the year.

There are loads of broadband providers out there including big names such as Orange, Sky, Virgin Media and Talk Talk. One you may not have heard of, but owned by BT and managed as a separate business, beats them all for cost and their genuinely quality, award winning customer service (I should know I’ve used it when BT screwed up my local exchange!)

Depending on the geographical location (about 80% of the UK is covered), Plus.Net* offer a really attractive low connection rate and, critically for students,  the option of a less than 12 month contract.

Even better for new customers they are offering half price broadband, if you take out there bundled line rental product for £11.99/month which includes FREE calls at evening and weekends to UK landline numbers. There is an activation fee of £25 and optional wireless modem (£40). You need a phone line after all, so you might as well go with them as Plus.Net* prices are very similar to all the rest.

The Bottom Line

For its £3.24/mth HALF PRICE Value package, it’s an average of £20.65/mth over the year’s contract, with a 10GB monthly download and upload limit, including all the activation and landline costs.

With a house full of students, the Plusnet Extra package (£11.49/mth) with a whopping 60GB download limit works out a better deal with an average of £28.90/month over the years contract length. Again this includes all the hidden costs such as the activation and landline costs wwith the benefit of FREE evening and weekend calls.

In the end. we went for the minimum 12 month contract on the higher 60Gb download allowance Plusnet Extra and Home Phone package.

All we need to do is to remember to cancel in 12 months time – just when the girls tenancy agreement comes to an end, how convenient!

If you would like to do likewise or check out the other great value combinations they have to offer just visit Plus.Net*

*If you sign up following my recommendation I’ll get a referral fee of between £0.25 and £0.50 per month depending which packages you choose – THIS WON’T COST YOU ANYTHING EXTRA THOUGH!

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    Plusnet are awesome for students! So cheap with a high usage allowance. Plusnet really are the top providers of student broadband.

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