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Embedded Twitter Timelines on your Intranet – solution?

If you’ve reached this page you are probably as frustrated as I have been with Twitter’s new API restrictions and the embedded timeline widget restrictions on internal company domain names. Specifically, host names like “intranet” and “mycompany”. From my research, there’s plenty of discussion out there including on Twitter’s Developer Forum, but as far as I can tell no solutions.

When you enter the search terms or hash tags you want to monitor with your internal company domain name, like “mycompany” you end up with a error message popping up like the one shown below

Error message when trying ot use local domain name

Error message when trying ot use local domain name

The error message that keeps popping up is,

Unable to update your widget. Please check your inputs: Ensure that usernames exist, measurements are numeric,
and that the URLs in the domains field are valid. You can refer to the documentation and developer forums for assistance.

After trying numerous combinations of domain names, localhost, proper fully qualified internal domain names like “mycompany.corp.here” to see if the extra periods symbols might get round Twitter’s validation criteria but they all I drew a blank.

Then I stumbled across a cracking little website Monitter.com which describes itself as “Web-based tool that allows anyone to monitor Twitter in real-time for mentions of any words or phrases they choose”. The website itself is great, but even better they provide a widget themselves that is really simple to configure once downloaded (basically an HTML page and few CSS, jQuery and javascript files).

Ten minutes later I had a working example, that seems to fit the bill and is all set for a company Intranet page in the morning. From the look of it, the code bypasses the API restrictions by doing a Twitter search via the normal end user interface and then parsing the contents using jQuery.

Monitter example of "mycompany" Twitter searches

Monitter example of “mycompany” Twitter searches

If you are interested in tracking specific Twitter accounts, such as “@mycompany” you’ll need to do so via queries in the form “%40mycompany” where %40 = @ in URL encoded notation. For specific hash tags, such as “#mycompany” you’ll need to use “%23mycompany” where %23 = #.

I really hope this solves your embedded Twitter timelines on your Intranet and all I can say as a final point – is great work Alex “@” Monitter.com for a brilliant bit of code.
I’m sure he (or possibly she) would welcome a donation from you if you use this great contribution to the Internet.

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