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How to stop nuisance calls for free

There’s nothing more annoying than a nuisance call, Who gives them the right to call you and distract you from what you are up to.

Annoying Phone Call

Annoying Phone Call

“No, I don’t want a free boiler.” “No, I haven’t had a recent accident and want to claim millions or reimbursed payment protection insurance premiums.”

You can STOP many of them by following these quick free tips. 

What are Nuisance Calls

Nuisance calls are made by sophisticated telephony systems that keep call centre agents busy speaking to people like you (live calls) or playing automated messages all day (automated calls). There sole aim is to lure you in with a sales calls for a product or service you are highly unlikely to want.

The operators who do this are regulated in the UK by Ofcom and the Privacy: and Electrionic Communication regulations of 2003.

LIVE CALLS: the regulations state that these calls should not be made to anyone who has registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) – unless that person has expressly requested that for that organisation they have chosen to do so “opted-in”. You can also contact the organisation directly and ask them not to call you.

TIP 1: To avoid nuisance calls register with the TPS today and for FREE

TIP 2: Carefully check the privacy section of anything you sign up for and tick / check the right boxes if you don’t want calls

TIP 3: Let the organisations you deal with know whether you want to be contacted by phone or not

COMPLAIN: If you get contacted by an organisation that shouldn’t be contacting

TIP 4: If you get a call, tell the operator that they should not have called you and you a registered with the TPS

TIP 5: If you keep getting calls from them, report them to the TPS via their complaints scheme.

AUTOMATED CALLS: similar to Live Calls, can only be made if you have previously given permission for that organisation to do so.

TIP 6: If you keep getting automated calls, let the Information Commissionaire know about it.

 The more people who report bad practise the more likely action will be taken


SILENT CALLS:these happen when you answer the phone but no one answers – most likely because there are no call centre agents available to speak to you. Believe it or not, some telephony systems call people in advance to avoid call centre agents getting a few seconds break between calls.

TIP 7: If you keep getting silent calls, get more advice from Ofcom on what you can do

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