About this site

Some may ask “what’s this site all about?” You might well ask!

Well, it is a random set of posts, others disjointed ramblings – as for me I’m not sure myself yet, other than it’s bound to be an eclectic mix of items ranging from practical low-cost advise on home and small office computing solutions to sharing financial & cost saving tips on how to beat the credit crunch.

The latter emphasis undoubtedly down to my Yorkshire roots – even Wikipedia suggests,

… The most common stereotype of a Yorkshire person is being tight with money…

So lets see what evolves….

Credit Crunch

For the scholars out there Wikipedia probably sums it up as well as anyone,

…  A credit crunch generally involves a reduction in the availability of credit independent of a rise in official interest rates. …

All we need to do is work out how to get the most out of our hard earned bucks to survive the downturn and come out the other side!

Good luck

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